OIX Policies

OIX Chapters Policy

The OIX Chapters Policy sets forth the rules and requirements that govern the establishment, operation, and termination of individual Chapters affiliated with OIX.

What is an OIX Chapter?
An OIX Chapter is an independent not-for-profit legal entity that affiliates with OIX for the purpose of better furthering the goals and objectives of OIX in various local markets.

What is the relationship between OIX and OIX Chapters?
OIX and each Chapter are separate and independent legal entities. Chapters enter into an Affiliation Agreement with OIX in accordance with and incorporating the terms of the Chapters Policy and agree to promote the OIX mission and lead efforts at a local level. The relationship of OIX and a Chapter to each other is that of independent contractors.

What is the role of a Chapter?
Chapters promote OIX and its mission, promote membership in OIX, promote and encourage the use of OIX programs, products, and services, and post and otherwise distribute information about upcoming OIX sponsored events, projects, and services. Chapter also endeavor to sponsor and conduct programs, projects, work groups, and other activities that further the purposes and objectives of OIX.

How are OIX Chapter’s funded?
As independent entities, OIX Chapters are responsible for their own funding and for paying their own expenses. However, OIX members that join a Chapter may receive a credit of up to 50% of the membership dues that they owe to OIX for equivalent dues paid to a Chapter that they join.

Who can join an OIX Chapter?
Rules governing eligibility for Chapter membership are determined by the Chapter. However, no individual, firm, organization, government agency, or other entity that is not a member of OIX may be admitted as a member of a Chapter without first signing the OIX Participant Agreement and agreeing to be bound by the OIX IPR Policy.

How does it work?