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Building Trust in Digital Identities – Open Identity Exchange CEO Nick Mothershaw on the Global Outlook

Implementing trusted digital IDs will create benefits for end users as well as service providers, says Nick Mothershaw, chair and executive director at the Open Identity Exchange. https://www.bankinfosecurity.com/building-trust-in-digital-identities-a-14547

Digital Identity for AML KYC in the UK

The UK Joint Money Laundering Steering group (JMLSG) has this week updated its Prevention of money laundering/combating terrorist financing, Guidance for the UK Financial Sector to embrace the use of Digital Identities for the purposes [...]

Update on OIX Board Governance

I wanted to update you a really positive change to the OIX governance policy made by the OIX Board. Firstly, we were concerned that general members were under-represented on the OIX board. To date, representation [...]

Working Group Update

One of OIX objectives over the next 6-9 months is to produce and publish are a set of Overarching Trust Framework Guides and Interoperability Guides. A “framework of frameworks”. The purpose of this is to [...]

Why we need Trusted Digital Identity – now more than ever

The circumstances we currently find ourselves in with COVID-19 are certainly unprecedented. Social distancing and stay-at-home mean that transactions that could traditionally be face to face are now no longer possible.  From shopping to undertaking [...]

The next chapter for LIGHTest

        For those of you unaware of LIGHTest, OIX was one of 14 partners of the consortium operating in nine European countries. LIGHTest was funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme [...]