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OIX Appoints new Chief Executive

On the eve of the OIX Economics of Identity conference next Tuesday, OIX is pleased to announce that Nick Mothershaw has been appointed Chief Executive of the Open Identity Exchange. Nick joined OIX back in [...]

OIX General Member Representative to the Board Announcement

Thanks to all who voted to elect a general member and their alternate who will represent you on the Open Identity Exchange Board of Directors. I am pleased to announce the election of Jim Lound [...]

OIX’s Journey to 2020 and Beyond

The identity landscape has changed significantly in recent years. From an OIX point of view, the changes that have taken place from the Economics of Identity meeting last May to next month’s Economics of Identity [...]

The 2020s will be the decade when Digital ID comes of age

A happy new year to you all! And welcome to the next decade! As we enter the 2020s we can expect to see the adoption of interoperable Digital ID really start to accelerate. Much has [...]

The Need for a Competent Authority for Identity

To make sure that any Digital ID ecosystem operates to the rules that ensure the use of Digital ID is safe, consistent and interoperable, some sort of Competent Authority is required. These rules are not [...]

How the UK General Election result will help drive forward adoption of Digital Identity

By Nick Mothershaw, OIX Chair  From an Identity perspective the result of the UK general election means we should see continuity in policy that gives certainty to the government’s strategy around Digital ID. This is fantastic [...]