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This paper proposes the Open Identity Trust Framework (OITF) model as a way to achieve the confidence needed to support the exchanges of identity information. The goal is to define a trust framework that reduces barriers and promotes trust so that individuals can conduct trusted transactions. Section II introduces the basic roles and relationships in the model. Section III describes implementation mechanisms. Section IV provides examples to illustrate the types of exchange relationships that the OITF model can facilitate. Section V defines a set of “Principles of Openness” that are built into the OITF model to establish a base level of transparency, accountability, and open competition. Lastly, because some key questions remain unresolved, Section VI highlights tough issues and calls for the involvement of a broad representation of stakeholders to grapple with these challenges and craft appropriate approaches forward.


March 2010


Mary Rundle – Microsoft
Eve Maler – PayPal
Tony Nadalin – Microsoft
Drummond Reed – Information Cards
Don Thibeau – OpenID Foundation

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