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The project looks at the Global Existence Transaction (“Existence”) service, developed by Western Union to tackle overseas pension fraud, and how this service could be potentially leveraged by the Identity Assurance Programme.
The Global Existence Transaction service helps reduce fraud by providing a process for verifying the existence of legitimate pension beneficiaries. This involves the pensioner presenting him or herself at a Western Union Agent location with the appropriate identification documents to collect a funds transfer sent by the pension provider. By presenting their identification to collect their funds, the pension provider has confirmation of their beneficiary’s existence.
This paper explores how such a service could be leveraged as a capability of the Identity Assurance Programme to: a)Allow an Existence enabled digital identity to be federated across multiple pension providers; b) Provide an additional identity proofing capability to identity providers.

February 2015

Fola Ogunsola & Steve Pannifer, Consult Hyperion

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