San Ramon, Calif., March 4, 2015 ‑ The Open Identity Exchange today announced that BarclaysForgeRock and Timpson have joined the organization at the board level, and Escher GroupE-signEtive/Digital Log BookKYCmeMorpho (SAFRAN) and Tricerion Limited have joined as general members. These distinguished companies bring a great deal of leadership and expertise to the organization and validate their support for OIX as an identity trust global center of excellence.

The broadening influence and impact of OIX members demonstrates the active engagement of these organizations in the markets where they operate and illustrates the pragmatism and focus of the support that OIX is uniquely able to provide across a wide-ranging set of Internet identity use cases.

OIX and its members are transforming how digital identity systems are secured and used for online services across multiple business sectors,” said Don Thibeau, chairman of the OIX. “OIX member companies bring together practical expertise and substantive market insights in order to collaborate on research and implement innovative pilot projects that form the foundation of a trusted Internet ecosystem.

The diversity of the OIX and its member companies, each a leader in their industry sectors, reflects the growing worldwide support for the development and registration of trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide mutual assurance that online transactions can be trusted.

Members of the OIX are committed to extending the functionality of the identity trust layer of online transactions across a growing number of critical corporate, governmental and consumer channels.

The following new OIX members join a distinct group of digital identity thought leaders including Adobe, CA Technologies, Equifax, Experian, Google, KPMG, LexisNexis, Microsoft, PayPal, Ping Identity, Salesforce, SecureKey, Symantec, T-Mobile, UK Cabinet Office, Verizon and many other companies and organizations dedicated to accelerating open options for securely managing digital identities (

  • Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for 48 million customers and clients worldwide.
  • ForgeRock®, one of the fastest growing identity vendors in the world, provides the leading open identity platform for ensuring your customers are at the center of everything digital — whether it be through a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, connected car, healthcare wearable, connected home device or the next great connected innovation.
  • Timpson, operating under their brands Timpson, Max and Snappy Snaps are the UK’s leading photo retailer with over 1,400 outlets. Making them the market leader in face-to-face data capture of photo ID.
  • Escher Group is a world-leading provider of digital point of service solutions. Our solutions have been selected by organizations from a wide range of industries including posts, governments, and high street retailers. Our portfolio of solutions includes; digital communications, enterprise mobile solutions, e-government services, logistics, and mobile commerce including mobile wallet, loyalty and federated identity solutions. We strive to ensure that the solutions we develop make businesses smarter and more efficient, making them the preferred choice for customers to engage and do business with.
  • E-sign provides a unique advanced electronic signature solution with signer ID verification and validation to both individuals and businesses. E-Sign also provides secure encrypted document storage and full audit trail facilities.
  • Etive has been delivering an online Digital Log Book (digital identity) for social housing tenants across the United Kingdom since January 2013, in response to the UK Government’s channel shift and delivery of welfare reform. The Digital Log Book enables customers to set themselves up online and access both Government and local authority services and to improve self-service.
  • KYCme provides a secure online vault and exchange with an encrypted authentication facility for valued documents that is both KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) compliant. Individuals and businesses can use it as a secure vault for their own documents.  The exchange process enables secure certification and transmission of documents to vetted and approved members (“certified intermediaries”) of KYCme using our trusted network.  Members will include banks, laws firms, accountants, government bodies and any institutions affected the ID verification and authentication process. KYCme is a time saving solution in the ever-increasing compliance world that helps businesses/institutions and customers to interact quickly, simply and securely.
  • Morpho, a SAFRAN company, is a global leader in security and identity systems. Our unique expertise lies in providing cutting edge solutions for government identity, public security, critical infrastructure, and business markets (e.g. mobile telecoms, payment). We have issued over 2.5 billion identity documents and created more than1.5 billion secure identities, often using advanced biometric capabilities.
  • Tricerion’s SafeLogin product is a multi-patented, single-use password authentication developed for mass consumer access to web services. The product has specific benefits in being a single-use password solution that is fully device-agnostic and requires no on-device app, secondary device or client software, making it ideal as a highly cost-effective for the OIX Identity Providers and for the Government entities alike to deploy and support.

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About Open Identity Exchange

The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) builds trust in online identity. OIX develops and registers trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide mutual assurance that online transactions can be trusted. OIX is a neutral, technology agnostic, non-profit trade organization where members from across multi-business sectors can come together to share domain expertise, joint research, and pilot projects to test real world use cases to drive the expansion of existing online services and the adoption of new online solutions.  Market leading members include Barclays, CA Technologies, Equifax, Experian, ForgeRock, Google, KPMG, LexisNexis, Microsoft, NRI, Ping Identity, Symantec, UK Cabinet Office, Timpson and Verizon.

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