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As more processes move online, the requirement for identity assurance becomes more complex. In the UK the government has stated that digital identity is a core enabler of their digital transformation by creating trusted transactions to allow people to move online safely and securely.

The Digital ID Photo Sending Service (“DIPSS”) project focused on one of the critical components of identity; a photograph. This component supports the identity ecosystem by providing an additional element, delivered in a digital way to enable the individual to assert their identity. The photograph is a key identity element and forms an important part of numerous identity processes, and user access globally. For example, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK alone processes more than 3.5 million photographs per annum for new driving licence applications and renewals.

This project demonstrated that users preferred the process of using a digital photograph in an online process to the existing paper based one. Choice was important to users, as was the convenience around the location and the privacy of the environment it was taken in.

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September 2015

Emma Lindley, Innovate Identity

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