The Warwickshire County Council and the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), together with Centralized Government services, have been working on a pilot of an online eligibility checker for Blue Badge applications. In the UK, Blue Badges allow disabled drivers or passengers to park closer to their destinations.

OIX and Warwickshire have worked with the Government Digital Service, Department for Transport (DfT) and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to test the concept by building a pilot eligibility checking solution. In this pilot, the applicant’s identity is first checked with the GOV.UK Verify platform before the applicant is then asked for their consent to make the necessary checks with DWP records via an attribute exchange. If successful, the reusable, scalable pilot concept could deliver a “seismic shift” at the heart of digital public service provision.

The next step will be working with private sector members at the upcoming OIX UK Workshop on May 5, where GDS will lead the morning session’s discussion on a variety of attribute exchange solutions to address key issues of trust and consent. This session will be followed by a Cabinet Office challenge to industry for private sector identity hubs.

Read more about the success of the Warwickshire and OIX Blue Badge pilot in this UK Authority blog.

OIX White Papers on the Warwickshire Blue Badge pilot:

‘Towards an Architecture for a Digital Blue Badge Service’

‘A Technical Design for a Digital Blue Badge Service’