OIX Workshop

The Open Identity Exchange organised and facilitated a legal and policy workshop on March 24, 2016 in Amsterdam, with the objective of advancing the discussion of the key issues surrounding the adoption of identity management legislation and in particular eIDAS . The workshop was co-sponsored by VerizonPlatform Identity Management Nederland (PIMN) and Digidentity BV, and was hosted by Verizon.

oix-venn-diagram-l-cmyk-300-dpi-150mmThis workshop was the second in a series. The first workshop was co-sponsored by OIX, the World Bank, and the American Bar Association Identity Management Legal Task Force, and was hosted by the World Bank in Washington, DC on January 14, 2016.

Attendees were lawyers, business leaders, policy experts, and technologists representing a broad spectrum of public sector and private sector leaders in identity.

The goal of this Amsterdam workshop was to build on the outcomes of the Washington event by bringing together technology, policy, and legal leaders to talk about identity in the context of European regulations, explore potential International integration and agreements as well as the secondary effort of the GOV.UK Verify programme, to accelerate market identity services.

Key themes reiterated throughout the event were the role and importance of identity attributes, the need for more trust tools, and the importance of global registries as a transparent mechanism for forging that trust. The high-level workshop report summarises the thought-provoking and productive discussion in which both the panelists and participants engaged.

OIX will continue these threads throughout this year at the Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) in June and London in Autumn this year.