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In 2013, OIX published a White Paper The Shared Signals Model which identified the challenge of systemic and contagious fraud risk across the digital ecosystem caused by compromised identities; and proposed an approach to addressing this problem by sharing authoritative, privacy-protecting alerts, or ‘Signals’ between service providers to help identify risks and so apply earlier protection or other remediation.

A subsequent OIX UK discovery project established the potential to use such a shared signals mechanism to increase shared trust in the Identity Ecosystem – Protecting the Identity Ecosystem. This was followed by a specific OIX UK discovery project with the GOV.UK Verify high-assurance Identity Providers (“IdPs”) which identified a clear set of potential use-cases for such a system Shared Signals IDP to IDP; and recommended progression to an OIX UK Alpha project to test these hypotheses in a more practical application. This Alpha project tested whether Signals (which adhere to the principle of minimal personal data sharing) can be shared between IdPs, via a ‘signal manager’, that IdPs have sufficient trust in, and are of sufficient quality to match and take action on.

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June 2016

Andi Hindle, Hindle Consulting
Emma Lindley, Innovate Identity

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