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The UK economy has a fragmented approach to online identity, with many different regulations, requirements and methods. This makes the experience for users complex and users have very little control over how their personal data and identity is managed. For organisations it means they often try to solve the issue of online identity in their own industry sector, but fraud levels are still rising and there are segments of the population that cannot be verified online, creating operational inefficiencies and increasing cost.

This challenge is shared by organisations in both the public and private sector, therefore in order to progress this critical topic, the Open Identity Exchange has run two discovery projects to look at UK Identity Assurance needs to understand if there is an appetite for collaboration across private and public sector to solve the issue of online identity in the UK.

This document reports in the second phase which was much wider reaching than the first, and included feedback from 80 organisations. Questions were asked generally about the market, and specifically about standards, certification, privacy and brand, as well as understanding the appetite to work collaboratively to solve some of the issues around identity.

These questions were asked to understand the potential reuse of GOV.UK Verify as there are a range of options about which part/s could be make available to the private sector. The survey was designed to understand the private sector’s view on the value of each of those as well as their views on the market generally.

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June 2016

Innovate Identity

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