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Government identity verification standards require tests against the ‘activity history’ of an identity. These tests complement more traditional ‘static’ tests, such as document checking, and show that transactions have been conducted by the identity over a period of time.

Many online networks do not require user accounts to be created with ‘real’ identity details that might be used when opening a bank account or interacting with government services. However, they do provide a potentially powerful source of data for identity assurance purposes:

The government’s standards for identity verification are technical. In this project Veridu worked with Cabinet Office and GOV.UK Verify certified companies (also known as Identity Providers) to understand how users might leverage their social networks, and other types of online accounts, as trustworthy evidence when creating a digital identity that meets government standards with a certified company.

It is anticipated that this collaborative OIX project will lead to the development of a commercial beta service.

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July 2016

Harry Weber-Brown

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