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This white paper deals with innovation in the area of Identity and Federation in the following ways:

Introduces an approach for determining transaction-based assurance that speaks to “authentication” based on the necessary current conditions of specified, validated attributes and agreements in a profile.

As part of these agreements, introduces an ability to provide one-time modular Terms and Conditions that can be consistently applied horizontally across many products and services.

Introduces technology that allows for anytime revocation of attributes and agreements resulting in only the loss of identified and supported atomic functionality within products and services, and not necessarily the wholesale loss of use of those products and services altogether.

Introduces an approach for determining the lifecycle of LOA settings for an individual based on the current condition of all attribute declarations whether they are validated or not, and within the range of that providers certification for a particular framework.

Introduces an approach for federated assurance by de-coupling enforcement points from decision points by adoption of a standard, open protocol.

Postulates that there should be a fourth A added to the typical security list of AAA – and that is Assurance.


July 2016

J. Oliver Glasgow


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