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GOV.UK Verify allows you to prove who you are online and access government services by choosing from a list of certified companies to verify your identity. Obtaining a GOV.UK Verify digital identity with a certified company – otherwise known as an identity provider – is an online experience. By providing evidence of our identity to an identity provider online, our identity can be established to various levels of assurance by comparing this evidence to digital “footprints” and representations of that evidence held in government and private-sector databases.

However, for many reasons, confirming evidence of our identity online is not always possible. For instance, we may not have established sufficient digital footprints or lack recent evidence of our activity, for our identity to be satisfactorily assured.  In these cases, we need an alternative approach.

This project set out to discover if people who were unable to achieve a satisfactory level of assurance online to access digital government services, would be willing to visit a high-street shop to achieve this level with the support of shop colleagues in a face-to-face environment.

The project involved a collaboration between the Government Digital Service, Safran Morpho and Timpson Group.


December 2016

Rob Laurence, Innovate Identity

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