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In the preceding Discovery project, the suitability of the GOV.UK Verify model, as a basis for a digital identity scheme for the States of Jersey, was explored. The findings of that project concluded that this could be a viable approach for Jersey but further investigation was recommended to address aspects of the model where assumptions had been made and potential risks may lie.

The Crown Dependencies – Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man – are each self-governing and are not part of the UK. This precludes them from participation in the current Government Digital Service (GDS) project to extend the use of GOV.UK Verify to local authorities. Jersey has been exploring the possibility of creating its own replica of GOV.UK Verify as a potential solution to the Island’s digital identity requirements.

Three aspects of the model were identified for further exploration:

  1. User acceptability
  2. Technical capability to build an identity assurance hub
  3. Data availability, sufficient to enable a significant majority of citizens and residents (90% plus) to complete identity verification online and obtain a digital identity to Level of Assurance 2 (ie a recognised level sufficient to stand a test in English Civil Law)

The approach taken to explore these aspects, together with the findings and conclusion reached, are set out in the white paper.


August 2017

Rob Laurence, Innovate Identity

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