The OIX UK Europe Board is represents of some of the identity industry’s best developers, marketers, and policy-makers. Their leadership is increasingly making a real difference for UK citizens, government officials and businesses. We are pleased to announce the 2018 elections for the General Member representative to join that Board.

First, please join me in thanking to Emma Lindley, Innovate Identity and Marcel Wendt, Digidentity for their service to OIX UK Europe. Their thought leadership and insight has shaped the OIX plans, priorities and growth.

2018 will be a pivotal year for “Open Banking and Open Identity” in the UK and Europe. OIX is at the center of how identity standards and schemes shape the emerging identity ecosystem. The voice of start-ups, SMEs and others is important to OIX decision making.

All members in good standing can self-nominate, be nominated and nominate others as well as can ‘second’ the nominations of others. The nomination period is now open until 22nd December 2017. We look forward to receiving and posting these nominations on our website in due course. All details for the election process have been distributed to Open Identity Exchange members and can be read on our website.

Please contact me with any comments or questions.

Sue Dawes