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Blockchain. Just the term invokes many different reactions, emotions, and opinions. Blockchain technology was born from the desire to bring a peer-to-peer electronic cash system to the world through Bitcoin, but it has ended up triggering so much more. Blockchain has not only brought the concept of cryptocurrencies to the mainstream, but more importantly, it has also done so for distributed ledger technology.

At this point in the rapid evolution and global adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, there is a moment of opportunity. The requirement for compliant blockchain governance and trust is reaching ‘critical need’ status. Securing that need for compliance in current law will have a profound impact on future regulation of this technology. The most important step to achieving governance and trust is for there to be a private sector led partnership to inform legislators, regulators and policy makers, so they can collaborate on how best to make better, more informed decisions. The Distributed Ledger Foundation aspires to be a trusted, neutral representative body dedicated to fostering trust in an increasingly fragmented, “zero trust” environment.

This OIX White Paper answers the questions, “why is there a need for the Distributed Ledger Foundation” and “why incubate DLT within OIX”.

March 2018

Don Thibeau

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