The evolution of the OIX and the search for its new Executive Director of OIX has begun in earnest!

With OIX’s “surge strategy” now underway, and GDS’s new leadership in place, a new Executive Director is needed to lead the only UK based technology agnostic, non-profit trade organisation of leaders from across business sectors that focus on building the volume and velocity of trusted identity services.

The OIX Executive Director (ED) will oversee all operations, functions and activities worldwide. Our new ED will be the face of the organisation, responsible for articulating our strategy and driving this strategy forward at pace, both personally and through operating a multi-faceted organization.

The ED will influence the evolution of OIX with the ability to lead and motivate a holistic approach in managing OIX organisation’s operations in the UK, US and Europe.

OIX is looking for an and ED who is a thought leader, an influencer, a spokesperson, a do-er and a leader. A truly multifaceted individual who can ensure the needs of all OIX members are fairly and evenly represented.

Consideration of candidates is limited to those recommended by members of the Open Identity Exchange Board of Directors, from whom candidates will require a letter of recommendation in order that your interest to be forwarded on to the OIX Executive Committee for full and fair consideration.

OIX has demonstrated its agility and this is reflected in a flexible approach to this role in terms of working hours, location, package etc. OIX is also willing to consider a secondment.

Our goal is to have the Executive Director in position by 1st June. However, we’d also like you to attend OIX’s next Economics of Identity event which is taking place on 21st May 2019 in collaboration with Tech UK at their facility: 10 St Bride St, London.

The recruitment process is being coordinated by Stephanie Meli on behalf of the Open Identity Exchange UK Executive Committee and she will schedule in-person Interviews for the position with the Co-Chairs of Open Identity Exchange.

Please email your interest along with your letter of recommendation from a board member to: with ‘Exec Director’ in the subject.