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The Scottish Government is seeking to develop a common approach to digital identity, that will enable individuals to access the public services in Scotland that they need to. This however is a complex and multi-faceted problem. Both individuals and relying parties have a wide range of needs. Finding an approach that works for everyone will be challenging.With significant help from many OIX members, the Scottish Government has undertaken an Alpha Project as a key step in its programme. This involved building a Proof of Concept prototype, undertaking user research and analysing other factors that will affect the approach that the Scottish Government takes. The white paper provides a detailed discussion the outcomes of the Alpha Project. It provides insight into the approach envisaged by the Scottish Government, on behalf of a significant number of potential relying parties in Scotland.
The following two additional artefacts were created during the project:

    • Service Description – a draft document exploring the range of service that may be developed for relying parties as the programme progresses.
    • In-person Identity Verification Requirements – a draft document, based on GPG 45, exploring the capabilities that will be required to deliver an in-person identity verification service, providing a fall back for individuals who are unable to obtain a digital identity through a fully digital process.

These documents can be found HERE

In the spirit of open government, the ongoing progress of the programme can be followed via the Scottish Government’s web site.

June 2019


Steve Pannifer (Consult Hyperion)

Margaret Ford (Consult Hyperion)

Alan McDougall (Scottish Government)

Marianne O’Loughlin (Scottish Government)

Tim McKell (Gemserv)

White Paper available HERE