Computer Weekly recently referred to OIX in its article commenting on potential changes within the governments Verify program. It seems timely to provide an update on what OIX is currently focussing on. OIX will be responding to the governments consultation on Digital Identity. We stand ready to advise and help government to rapidly create an open market for certified IDs for use by the public sector, leveraging both existing and new suppliers. In parallel OIX is driving forward the use of Digital ID in the private sector. A recent example of this is our paper exploring how Digital IDs could be used to open a financial account, and how Verify IDs could be leveraged in this context.
We are also working in collaboration with other industry bodies such as techUK and TISA to explore and solve some of the key challenges facing the adoption of Digital ID.
Watch this space over the next few weeks as we start to share more detail on our work to drive the Digital ID agenda forward.