Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is delighted to announce that its chairperson, Nick Mothershaw, formerly Director of Identity and Fraud Solutions at Experian UK&I, has now also been appointed an Executive Director of OIX.

Nick’s main objective is to drive OIX’s new digital identity (ID) strategy. Nick’s leadership will be vital in driving the evolution of an ID eco-system based on a public-private trust framework that allows IDs to interoperate seamlessly across sectors and ensures individuals and organisations understand the ID eco-system through the use of appropriate and transparent trustmarks.

In support of OIX’s vision, Nick will be actively engaged in the creation of a comprehensive eco-system reference directory that will spread awareness of the economic and cultural benefits of the usage of IDs and encourage uptake by early adopters in new sectors. Work on this strategy has already commenced through the four working groups OIX is running in collaboration with TechUK: Interoperability and Standards, Trust and Liability, Inclusion and Architecture Interoperability.

The next Economics of Identity Conference on 11th February 2020 will report the progress of these working groups and provide more insight into OIXs exciting new direction.

David Goodman
Executive Director, Open Identity Exchange