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In this OIX Whitepaper, we argue that giving a Claimant the ability to provide Events as evidence to support their claim to hold certain Attributes has the potential to transform the economics of data assurance, combat fraud and improve access to services.

The basic concept of an Event is not a new one, but Events have yet to be fully harnessed for the purpose of data assurance. Although many Entities record audit trails of activity for compliance purposes, very few – if any – set out to capture and manage such records as a valuable, shareable resource. Similarly, very few Entities use reasoning models that consume Events as part of the due diligence that delivers the data assurance outcomes they require.

In this paper, we seek to articulate what it would take for an Entity to set itself up as an Event Provider and/or Event Consumer, what the motivations for doing so might be and how it would benefit not only the Claimant but also the Ecosystem as a whole.

We also set out a modest proposal for next steps, anchored on an OIX Alpha Project to develop a common set of requirements to generate, exchange and consume Events for the purposes of data assurance within an Ecosystem of otherwise independent actors, tested and refined through the development of a set of prototype capabilities.


Ben Helps


November 2019


Ben Helps, Factern

Executive Summary available HERE

White Paper available HERE