By Nick Mothershaw, OIX Chair 

From an Identity perspective the result of the UK general election means we should see continuity in policy that gives certainty to the government’s strategy around Digital ID. This is fantastic news!

OIX can press ahead at pace with its vision to allow users to instantly provide trust in who they are to service providers, in turn allowing faster service fulfilment, reducing fraud and providing a significant boost for the economy overall.

The excellent work that the government is doing to establish a UK Trust Framework for Identity, the new Digital Identity Unit and enabling private sector access to government data for ID verification purposes can continue to progress and I am sure will now accelerate.

In addition, the Pension Bill can now rapidly be put to parliament. This will enable the creation of Pensions Dashboards to allow citizens to access information about their pensions, which in turn will help kick start the use of Digital IDs across the UK.

OIXs new strategy is to:

  • Define the key elements of an ID Trust Framework required to ensure identity interoperability, within the UK and globally.
  • Ensure the appropriate TrustMarks are in place to explain Digital ID to end users.
  • Explain the ID Ecosystem to services providers and help them find the right suppliers to meet their needs.
  • Drive service provider adoption of Digital ID, sector by sector, through the creation of ID Trust Schemes.

This strategy strengthens OIXs existing thought leading position on Identity. We can confidently assure the new Digital Identity Unit that they can depend on OIX’s leadership on the key issues.

As OIX commences the execution of this exciting new strategy in 2020 the market conditions for adoption of Digital ID in the UK are falling into place.

Post Brexit the UK will need to be as digitally-slick as possible to attract investment and drive organic economic growth.  Digital ID will be a key enabler of this growth, and OIX will play a pivotal role in its realisation.

I think 2020 will be a landmark year for OIX and Digital Identity.