The identity landscape has changed significantly in recent years. From an OIX point of view, the changes that have taken place from the Economics of Identity meeting last May to next month’s Economics of Identity event on 11 February have been the most significant in years.

Firstly, Government has re-defined its strategy on the role it is to play in driving the adoption of an identity eco-system for the UK, one that is now characterised as a heterogeneous public/private partnership, independent of the Verify programme. In addition, OIX’s move of its centre of operation from the USA to the UK has energised the association to focus on how best to continue to accelerate the adoption of digital identity services, not only in the UK but beyond as well.

To that end, OIX has developed an exciting and bold strategy to reflect these changes and developments in the identity world both in the UK and globally.

The diagram below shows the roles that different stakeholder groups play and relate to each other in a trust framework defined by trust schemes from both the public and private sectors













OIX is working to define and characterise trust frameworks in conjunction with work being carried out by the Governments newly formed Digital Identity Unit. The need for significant development in trust frameworks is clear and OIX believes that assisting in the creation of a trust framework will rapidly increase the adoption of digital identity services. Consequently, OIX has commissioned research into the key elements of a trust framework and propose how trust frameworks will have to interoperate.

One of the key roles that OIX can play is to bring together the key stakeholder groups or representative organisations in an open neutral forum, bound by a common set of objectives and interdependencies.

The current OIX membership consists mainly of identity services providers: however, to accelerate the adoption of digital identity services, OIX is looking to grow its membership to reflects the full range of stakeholder types. For example, of particular importance for OIX is reaching out to Relying Parties and/or their representative associations and across different industry sectors. OIX will play a crucial role in bringing together Relying Parties and Identity Services Providers, sharing problems and expertise.

To encourage awareness and to demonstrate the vibrancy of the identity eco-system market, OIX is introducing the OIX Directory, a new online directory that will replace the current OIXnet for OIX members to list the services they offer, providing OIX has certified that the services can be provided and thereby qualify for the listing. Guidelines and model policies, which will be licensed and free to use for OIX members, will be added.

In addition, the main OIX website is to be enhanced with a members-only area. To date, OIX content such as whitepapers, project reports and workshop presentations – all valuable sources of information – have to date been freely available to the general public but will henceforth be restricted to member organisation representatives to access.

All these changes – and more – will be covered during the Economics of Identity on 11 February. Go here to follow the latest agenda and for information on how to register.