On the eve of the OIX Economics of Identity conference next Tuesday, OIX is pleased to announce that Nick Mothershaw has been appointed Chief Executive of the Open Identity Exchange.

Nick joined OIX back in November to initially help define and kick off OIX’s new strategy for 2020 and beyond. This strategy is now crystallised and its execution is gathering pace.  To ensure it is delivered the OIX board has asked Nick to take the reins and lead the organisation forward. Previously with Experian, Nick has excellent in-depth identity expertise along with a strong record of delivering new innovation.

This new strategy will see OIX:

  • Launch a new website and OIX Directory that will clearly explain the Identity Ecosystem and how OIX members serve this ecosystem.
  • Define the fundamentals for seamless ID interoperability across different regional and global Identity Schemes. Ensure the required interoperability is achieved to meet the needs of both end users and those that rely their identities
  • Define a clear set of Consumer Principles for Identity, layout how the different participants in the ID ecosystem must support these principles and how a Trustmark conveys these this to the user.
  • Help those aspiring to provide ID services get market ready in an increasingly regulated space.
  • Pro-actively drive market adoption of new Identity tools and techniques on behalf to its members, identifying and removing challenges, and building the business case for adoption.

More detail on the new OIX strategy, and the next steps in achieving this, will be revealed at the OIX Economics of Identity conference next Tuesday. We hope to see you there!