The Trusted Environments Alpha Project is progressing well with three workshops and a kickoff having already taken place.

The workshops are covering three of the deliverables:

  1. Agreeing a base set of implementation standards
  2. Meta data model and technical requirements
  3. Rules of engagement that would support participation in this eco system

The first workshop focused on the hypothesis that the W3C semantic web standards and tool kits would be sufficient to support the project needs as a base set of standards to build the eco system. From initial discussions this looks like it holds water.

The subsequent two workshops have focused on building a meta data model that describes the use case that the project is trying to model and the events that it is trying to share. Discussions have started around the technical requirements that would be needed to support the sharing of those events and the data, using that specific meta data model.

The next steps involve writing up a plan for the meta data model and technical requirements. Experts from the semantic web will then be invited to come and test whether or not what has been written could be supported by the W3C semantic standards. Over the next 3-4 weeks this meta data model will be written up and sent over to these experts to gain their feedback and whether it can be supported.

The last few workshops will broaden out to look at the rules of engagement and how this ecosystem can be governed.

You can read the full project documentation HERE