For those of you unaware of LIGHTest, OIX was one of 14 partners of the consortium operating in nine European countries. LIGHTest was funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and aimed to build a global trust infrastructure where arbitrary authorities could publish their trust information.

The premise is that user organisations can use LIGHTest to publish lists of qualified trust services, as business registrars and authorities can in health, law enforcement and justice. Across the private sector, trust can be established in inter-banking, international trade, shopping, business reputation and credit rating. This trust information can then be easily queried by companies, administrations and citizens via LIGHTest open source software.

The project took place over three and a half years and covered eleven different work packages. OIX were delighted to provide input into many of these work packages, in particular around the communication and dissemination side. Many of the public deliverables from the project can be found here including the LIGHTest Cookbook which is a practical guide to deploying a lightweight infrastructure for global heterogenous trust management. This cookbook walks you through the LIGHTest infrastructure step by step and looks at the tools that can support you in your business and demonstrate some existing use cases and examples of LIGHTest.

The final review of the project was held in February in Brussels with some excellent feedback coming out. If you’re interested in finding out more about LIGHTest then please do drop us a line and we will forward you onto the LIGHTest technical team who will be able to help you. Also worth a read is the blog post from Heiko Rossnagel from Fraunhofer who talks about how the project went and also his hopes for the future.