One of OIX objectives over the next 6-9 months is to produce and publish are a set of Overarching Trust Framework Guides and Interoperability Guides. A “framework of frameworks”.

The purpose of this is to enable the following parties to better understand the Identity Ecosystem:


  • Bring together the already aligned thinking of global identity influencers such as the World Economic Forum, World Bank, consultancies and social development initiatives into a single – high-level – easy to understand web-reference.
  • Defines how interoperability between existing trust frameworks can work.
  • Form a guide to those creating and implementing frameworks that the ensures any framework created is following proven best practice and will be interoperable with other frameworks. The OIX directory will list other frameworks for reference.
  • Allow relying parties to understand how trusted identities work. Relying Parties can then use the OIX directory to find trusted suppliers of IDs: ID Providers, ID Brokers, ID Tech Component Providers, ID consultants etc.
  • The OIX Directory positions each OIX members services against the framework based on their role in the ecosystem.
  • Most importantly this should help achieve our goal of an individual’s ID interoperating across different trust frameworks.

In order to achieve this OIX will continue to leverage the working group approach.  However, for this iteration each working group will be given a clearer set of deliverables to work towards. The following working groups will be formed or will continue:

Inclusion Steering Group

In addition, OIX is forming an Inclusion Steering Group. The objective of this steering group is to improve inclusion in the ID ecosystem through working collaboratively across the public and private sector to enable access to new data, services and method for inclusion. We expect this to be a long-term group.  It will take time, and even possible change in legislation, to achieve some of the inclusion benefits that have already been identified as part of this group.

Collaboration with TechUK

OIX will continue to work in collaboration with TechUK on the Architecture Interoperability working group and Inclusion Steering Group.

Next steps

Many of you responded to our survey after the Economics of ID conference indicating your areas of interest. We will now map those responses to the new working group and will be in touch in the next couple of weeks to kick these off. If you didn’t respond to the survey, or now want to be involved in a different working group, please drop an email to indicating which group(s) you would like to get involved in.