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OIX: A Pragmatic Approach To Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain and other ‘crytpo-tech’ discussions are all the rage, and rightly so. Distributed ledgers, shared among all computers running the same protocol, present a very tempting solution to the problem of how to enable many parties using a multitude of different systems to deal with high volumes of items that need to be tracked individually or [...]

Using attribute exchange to gain customer trust and transform service delivery

The first principle of good on-line service design is to put the customer first. This can be quite straightforward when an organisation is in complete control of an online transaction. It becomes a lot more difficult when other organisations are involved. This is often the case in local government transactions where information about a customer's entitlement [...]

How to Reduce Fraud and Improve Online Safety through Identity Provider Signal Sharing

CIFAS (the UK fraud prevention service) estimate that over 60% of fraud is data driven identity crime, so there is enormous value to customers, service providers and identity providers in account takeover prevention. The Open Identity Exchange UK investigated how a ‘shared signals model’ might reduce fraud and improve online safety through a discovery project with [...]

Checking In on Existence Checks

We recently completed the OIX “Overseas Pensions” discovery project. The specific focus was on an “Existence Check” process, a face-to-face process to determine the recipient of pension payments is still living. Whilst there may be sensitivities around such checks, there is a real need to prevent fraudulent access to pension payments, both opportunistic and organised. The [...]