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Trust Frameworks

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Toward a Modern Magna Carta for Internet Identity

Many have noted similarities in the work of the US National Strategy on Trusted Identity in Cyberspace's via its Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, and in the UK via HMG Cabinet Office Identity Assurance Program via its Identity Steering Group. After the recent US National Strategy on Trusted Identity in Cyberspace Plenary in Atlanta, I attended meetings [...]

A Keeper of the Keys

I blogged about a new OIX White Paper we've just published, “Exploring the Role of Mobile Identity Assurance”, by Nick Foggin. The paper summarizes the outcomes from the UK's first mobile network operator alpha trial. Nick's experience in publishing an OIX White Paper reflected the value of an objective expert's assessment and an insider's view of [...]

No Silver Bullets: But There’s Gold in There – The OIX Attribute Exchange Trust Framework Specification

Those of you who slog through work groups, committees, etc. in this space know there is not a "silver bullet" that solves the technical, policy, and practical challenges of building trust in online identity.  I think of the OIX white papers and Working Group reports like yours as "silver buckshot" attempts to unpack, test, and learn [...]

APA Publish Trust Framework Pilots OIXnet … and it’s not all Academic

OIX is preparing to announce the first OIXnet prototypes in October 2013. The American Psychological Association (APA) Publish Trust Project is among the first OIX members to participate in the OIXnet pilot as an early adopter of the registry. The Publish Trust Framework (PTF) examines the feasibility of adding trust values to online identities for authors [...]