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UK Budget Confirms establishment of a Digital Identity market

The goal laid down in today’s budget is to create a Digital Identity market that allows users to prove who they are digitally, without the need for paper. It’s no surprise that this is cited [...]

Update on Trusted Environments Alpha Project – February 2020

The Trusted Environments Alpha Project is progressing well with three workshops and a kickoff having already taken place. The workshops are covering three of the deliverables: Agreeing a base set of implementation standards Meta data [...]

A Blueprint for National Oversight of the Digital Identity Market

Markets are complex, with many moving parts and participants of various types. The Digital Identity market is no exception. Maintaining order in such complex systems almost always requires oversight of some type, and as a [...]

OIX Appoints new Chief Executive

On the eve of the OIX Economics of Identity conference next Tuesday, OIX is pleased to announce that Nick Mothershaw has been appointed Chief Executive of the Open Identity Exchange. Nick joined OIX back in [...]

OIX General Member Representative to the Board Announcement

Thanks to all who voted to elect a general member and their alternate who will represent you on the Open Identity Exchange Board of Directors. I am pleased to announce the election of Jim Lound [...]

OIX’s Journey to 2020 and Beyond

The identity landscape has changed significantly in recent years. From an OIX point of view, the changes that have taken place from the Economics of Identity meeting last May to next month’s Economics of Identity [...]