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Aligning the Governance Rules and Technology Tools of Digital Identity: Solving Today’s Burning Business Problems

In an era governed by digital transactions and data, our methods for managing digital identities, security, and privacy are proving inadequate. At the same time, consumers are looking to do business with companies that have [...]

Nick Mothershaw appointed as Executive Director of OIX

Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is delighted to announce that its chairperson, Nick Mothershaw, formerly Director of Identity and Fraud Solutions at Experian UK&I, has now also been appointed an Executive Director of OIX. Nick’s main [...]

LIGHTest: Onwards and Upwards!

Having participated in the EU Horizon 2020 LIGHTest project for the last three years, OIX is sad to see the project start to wrap up now! You can see a short video demonstrating LIGHTest’s objectives. Further [...]

TISA boosts the development of Open Finance and the use of trusted digital IDs

One of the key objectives of TISA’s Open Savings and Investments project is to enable users to release data held in saving and investment accounts in the same way as they can from their current [...]

Pensions Dashboard Ready to Demonstrate Interoperable Identity Schemes in the UK

The creation of the Industry Delivery Group (IDG) by the Money and Pensions Service heralds the start in earnest of the delivery of a Pensions Dashboard infrastructure for the UK which is a key next [...]

Comment from OIX Chair – Nick Mothershaw

Computer Weekly recently referred to OIX in its article commenting on potential changes within the governments Verify program. It seems timely to provide an update on what OIX is currently focussing on. OIX will be [...]