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Digital Identity: How to Approach Liability

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Expectations regarding liability in the digital identity ecosystem can often be mismatched, creating a gap, with imposing liability sometimes seen as the solution to risk.  This paper seeks to close this gap by examining who is active in the digital identity ecosystem, their key liability concerns, and the two [...]

Aligning the Rules and Tools of Digital Identity: Solving Today’s Burning Business Problems

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: In an era governed by digital transactions and data, our methods for managing digital identities, security, and privacy are proving inadequate. At the same time, consumers are looking to do business with companies that have minimal friction as part of their overall service experience, and which provide assurance that [...]

Self-Sovereign & Shared Ledgers – A New Dawn for Digital Identity

Please read OIX Member, Innovate Identity's: Self-Sovereign and Shared Ledgers White Paper

Women in Identity

Women in Identity @WomeninID Bringing the topic of inclusion to the identity industry - we need diverse teams to solve the identity issues of today & tomorrow Expect technical and professional conversations on topics including Identity, women as role models, how to help each other, items of note in the news, and other topics of [...]