Project Scope

The aim of the programme is to deliver the commitment to develop a common public sector approach to online identity assurance, as part of digital public services. The intention is to create a common approach, which could apply across multiple public services. This would enable individuals to create a digital identity, which then can be used and re-used for secure access to personalised public services. This would contribute to a simplified landscape to support access to public services, which is consistent across multiple providers and easy to use for individual citizens.

Aims for Alpha
The alpha project is the programme’s proof of concept phase, where a prototype solution will be developed and tested.

The alpha aims to:

  • Explore the interaction of technical infrastructure, public service providers and
    identity provider solutions
  • Continue to embed the Scottish approach to service design with a strong focus on
    user testing and understanding user experience
  • Build a long term business case, including understanding costs and benefits
  • Help to decide if the programme should continue, stop, or if should be re-structured
  • Inform the approach to a future ‘beta’ (testing) phase, taking the work closer to
    providing a live service.


Board papers: 

Digital Identity Scotland Programme Board Alpha Update:—alpha-update—digital-identity-scotland-programme-board-march-2019/dispb-20—alpha-update—digital-identity-scotland-programme-board-march-2019/govscot%3Adocument

Scottish Government ‘Digital Identity Scotland’ Programme – Sitekit Proof of Concept White Paper – July 2019:

Project Status

Updated June 2019

Project Co-ordinator:  
Scottish Government