Dutch Scheme Rules – concluded

The Dutch Government introduced their identity scheme called EHerrkenning (e-recognition) back in 2010. It was identified that in many ways the Dutch identity scheme matches the ambition and philosophy of the UK Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP).

In order to operate in the most effective way national identity programmes need parameters such as policy and process by which to operate under, we call these identity scheme rules or just “scheme rules”

This project will look at the process development, learning and experience from the Netherlands taken from their identity scheme rules, and consider how it can be applied to the UK model.

This project analysed the Dutch Identity Scheme (Dutch eH Scheme) documents that have been in working operation for the past three years. It is through these that identity assurance services are provided to the Dutch Government.

The objective of this discovery project is to enable the UK Identity Assurance market to leverage the effort, learning and experience from the Netherlands, to speed up the creation and initiation of the UK Identity Assurance Scheme.

The IDAP goals and objects that this project sought to meet are:

  • Reducing Risk through learning from a developed more mature market and a working operation.

  • Lowering Costs by eliminating unnecessary duplication of existing practises and documentation.


Digidentity delivered this project.