Project Scope

Government Digital Service and its contracted Identity Providers for Verify are asking the market to propose approaches for meeting the Knowledge Based Verification (KBV) requirements of Element C from the Good Practice Guide 45 through this OIX UK project.

There are potentially many innovative ways in which the requirements of KBV could be met that would be both secure and convenient for users and this project is focused on exploring the suitability of the market solutions.  It will look for alternative, additional or complementary solutions to KBVs, ensuring a good user journey (good for Government & IDPs) and without compromising performance and security.

Project Status

(updated 13th November 2017)

Project Context, Hypothesis and Objectives 


Project co-ordinator:
Carrie Hartnell-Grundy, GDS

Last Month Activity:
Writing up report

Next Month Activity:

Report expected in December 2017