Project Scope

The three discoveries led by HSBC, Capital One and Barclays are looking at the reuse of digital identities created under GOV.UK Verify in the financial sector context. The projects are testing the following hypotheses:

‘There is a commercial business case for HSBC to start to accept digital identities that meet government standards.’ (HSBC)

‘Acceptance of LOA2 digital identities would increase the rate of successful applications to Capital One’ (Capital One)

‘Customers are more inclined to complete the application process for a financial service product that enables them to reuse an existing assured digital identity’ (Barclays)

‘Financial service institutions would accept an assured digital identity from a third party provider as part of their product application process if an established trust framework met their regulatory and service requirements.’ (Barclays)


The Barclays project has completed, read the White Paper

Project Status

(updated 7th June 2017)

HSBC, Capital One

Project Co-ordinator:  
Multiple:  One for each discovery

Last Month Activity:

Projects completed workshops and user research and have started drafting project reports that summarise key findings and outcomes.

Next Month Activity:
Publish finalised project reports.