IDWorks is building on the new global standards in identity management. Our Universal Identity solution is designed to simplify, secure and manage identity in the digital age, with the individual in full control of their identity. Our DLT infrastructure enables both consumers and business to instantly onboard, verify and securely share identity attributes that can be trusted.

Whilst IDWorks believes that everybody should be in complete control of their own identity, we also believe that this will be achieved through decentralising identity and ensuring it is as interoperable as possible.

Our global ecosystem secures and simplifies identity for the digital age, creating an environment where mutual trust between individuals and organisations is absolute.

Envoy is the enterprise identity management solution from IDWorks designed to streamline interactions between organisations and individuals.

Envoy enables organisations to remotely verify the identity of an individual, regardless of whether they have previously engaged, as well as request and receive authenticated information about them in an instant.

Sentry from IDWorks puts you back in control of your identity via a simple and intuitive mobile app. Sentry is also offered as a mobile SDK that can be embedded in any enterprise mobile app.


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