Octopus.sh lets Enterprise focus on the value identity brings beyond verified access.  Reduce identity management costs. Give customers their identity ownership back. Empower employees. Build trust with every single stakeholder:

  • True self-sovereign identity – authorise, authenticate and verify everyone in real time
  • Artefacts® Exchange Hub – feature-rich app securing every identity owner’s social privacy
  • Personas® – Multi-identities for sharing identity, zero-knowledge proofs and attestations
  • Intelligent Agents – Autonomous and defensive protecting users from viruses and bots online
  • Data Privacy – Regulatory compliance with built-in DPO roles and rights

Our VaultChain® platform is built from distributed graph technology. It’s what guarantees privacy, anonymity and security – ensuring no unauthorised access to any user data, ever.  And it solves blockchain scalability, compliance and speed limitations – whilst offering data compliance for all Enterprise.

With Octopus.sh, it’s a million vaults for a million customers – not one database holding a million customer records.

Intelligent identity. Intelligent privacy.

Website and Contact:
Thomas John Behe,  Co-Founder

Email: tj@octopus.sh

Mobile: +44 7508117275

Website: octopus.sh