Opening a Bank Account with Norwegian Bank ID – Concluded

At the beginning of 2016 a discovery was completed that tested the following hypothesis: ‘Individuals coming to the UK will be inclined and able to open a UK bank account online, prior to arriving into the country, using their national digital identity.’

The outcomes of the discovery can be found here.

The project progressed into Alpha that focused on the four recommendations. The Alpha should:

  • Conduct analysis of how digital identity aligns with banks’ existing Customer Due Diligence processes.
  • Conduct analysis of how digital identity could enhance fraud control processes
  • Consider technical architecture needed for Barclays to request and receive a Norwegian digital identity via eIDAS infrastructure.
  • And do a further analysis to understand how levels of assurance for digital identities under government standards map against banks’ current processes that banks have in place for ID verification


Barclays, Difi, BankID Norge, GDS

White Paper

Learn about the results in the white paper