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Open Identity Exchange (OIX) White Papers focus on current issues and opportunities in emerging identity markets. OIX white papers are driven by the needs of the members but the goal of each white paper is that they stand on their own to deliver value to the identity ecosystem as whole.

OIX White Papers are always pragmatic, transparent and take one of two perspectives: a retrospective report on the outcome of a given project or pilot or a prospective discussion on a current issue or opportunity.

OIX White Paper are made freely available on our website and are intended as summaries for a general business audience.

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Use of online activity as part of the identity verification

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Government identity verification standards require tests against the ‘activity history’ of an identity. These tests complement more traditional ‘static’ tests, such as document checking, and show that transactions have been conducted [...]

Creating a Digital Identity in Jersey

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: States of Jersey is embarking on an eGoverment programme to improve customer service and make government a more efficient and ‘joined-up’ business.  Across the world countries are developing national [...]

Shared Signals Proof of Concept

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: In 2013, OIX published a White Paper The Shared Signals Model which identified the challenge of systemic and contagious fraud risk across the digital ecosystem caused by compromised identities; and proposed an approach [...]

UK Private Sector Needs for Identity Assurance

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The UK economy has a fragmented approach to online identity, with many different regulations, requirements and methods. This makes the experience for users complex and users have very little [...]

Use of Digital Identity in Peer-to-Peer Economy

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: In the peer-to-peer economy it is the borrower or lender of the asset in whom the other party must have trust and not an intermediary organisation. This OIX project [...]

Could Digital Identities help Transform Consumers Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Savings?

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This paper, sponsored by the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA), reports the findings of an OIX Discovery Project to explore the use of a digital identity scheme in the [...]

Creating A Pensions Dashboard

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: “HMT should challenge the industry to make a pensions dashboard available to consumers by 2019, bringing together industry and consumer representatives to help them set direction and drive progress.” HMT and FCA, [...]

JustGiving and GOV.UK Verify

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: JustGiving is a tech-for-good company that facilitates donations and fundraising for charities.  In 2001, JustGiving launched as the first UK online fundraising platform and has grown to include [...]

Identity Law and Policy Workshop, Amsterdam

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The Open Identity Exchange organised and facilitated a legal and policy workshop on March 24, 2016 in Amsterdam, with the objective of advancing the discussion of the key issues [...]

Digital Identity Across Borders: Doing Financial Transactions in another EU Country: User Research Report

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Within the scope of the ‘Opening a UK Bank Account with a Norwegian BankID project, a user journey was tested of a Norwegian individual opening a UK bank account [...]

International Identity Law and Policy Workshop

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The Open Identity Exchange, along with the American Bar Association’s Identity Management Legal Task Force and The World Bank, hosted a legal and policy workshop on January 14, 2016 [...]

Walk-In Assisted Digital

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project tested the following hypothesis: ‘Walk-in Assisted Digital support will be effective for some users, at least for some services, and feasible for some suppliers to provide.’ This [...]

Rebranding the Web of Trust

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Rebooting the Web of Trust is a cooperative of tech visionaries experienced with security, privacy, and identity. Its goal is to imagine and implement the future of decentralized trust [...]

Accelerating the UK Digital Services Market

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: In order to support the anticipated growth of the UK services over the next 5 years, this emerging open market of high-quality identity services will extend interoperability of systems, [...]

The Industry Working Group on Attribute Exchange

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This Industry Working Group (the IWG), was established by OIX with an initial brief to shadow, review and potentially influence the work of the OIX Warwickshire County Council led [...]

Discovering the Needs for UK Identity Assurance

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: In order to understand the overall UK market meeds better, OIX has been asked by its members to run a discovery exercise during 2015 to understand what the [...]

Digital ID Photo Sending Service

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: As more processes move online, the requirement for identity assurance becomes more complex. In the UK the government has stated that digital identity is a core enabler of their [...]

Digital Sources of Trust 1 & 2

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The ‘Digital Sources of Trust’ (DSOT) discovery projects have investigated the challenges of identity verification for users that do not possess traditional identity credentials such as a passport or [...]

Shared Signals IDP to IDP – Reducing Fraud and Improving Online Safety Through IdP Signal Sharing

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project explored the hypothesis: ‘It is possible to share signals between IdPs whilst minimising disclosure of personal data [3] to better prevent fraud.’ These signals relate to events or [...]

The Use of Bank Data for Identity Verification

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This discovery project has hypothesised a model by which bank data could be shared more directly and efficiently to GOV.UK Verify certified companies and others in the identity services [...]

A Technical Design for a Blue Badge Digital Service

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This technical paper should be read in conjunction with the white paper: Towards an Architecture for a Digital Blue Badge Service.  A collaboration between Government Digital Services, Department for [...]

Towards an Architecture for a Digital Blue Badge Service

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This Alpha project took a typical local government service – applying for a Blue Badge (disabled parking badge) – and demonstrated how it could be radically transformed from a [...]

The Pensions Finder Tool

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project looked at how digital identity can solve a real world problem.  By the time the average person retires they will have contributed to about 11 different [...]

Overseas Pensions Discovery Project

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The project looks at the Global Existence Transaction (“Existence”) service, developed by Western Union to tackle overseas pension fraud, and how this service could be potentially leveraged by the [...]