Any organisation is welcome to propose an identity project to OIX UK.  All projects are required to be collaboratively funded – please read the OIX Directed Funding policy for more information.  An OIX member is required to ‘sponsor’ a project.  All non OIX members will need to sign the OIX Participant Agreement (IPR agreement) and membership is preferred for participation in OIX projects. This OIX UK Chapter overview, will provide some initial guidance.

If you have a project concept idea please take a look at our prospective projects page and feel free to contact us to discuss.  You may find it helpful to download this project template and begin to scope your project and this OIX UK Project Definition policy may inform and assist your efforts. Alternatively please book into the next OIX UK workshop to meet the OIX UK team and other organisations running projects through OIX UK.


OIX UK projects follow a ‘Stage Gate’ process:

SG 0

Project Ideas via OIX Members and OIX Workshops

SG 1

Onto the Radar
Project Proposal Outline Completed

SG 2

Detailed Scoping Versus Priorities
Scoping Completed

Participants Identified

SG 3

Funding and OIX Participant Agreements
Participant funding secured (includes OIX Facilitation Fee)

OIX Participant Agreements signed for non-OIX Members

Funds in OIX bank prior to project commencement

SG 4

OIX Project
Officially an OIX Project (Brand/TM)

Project coordinator: Statements of Requirements

Statement of Work prepared by all participants

SG 5

Regular Reporting to OIX

Project Co-ordinators – Transparent Documentation

SG 6

Deliver Results
White Papers / Project Reports Published

SG 7

Close down
Archiving, close down, payment to suppliers

Once a project is ready to proceed (Stage Gate 4), the project will become an official OIX branded project.  At this point the project will be added to the OIX UK website as a new project and promoted through our social media channels through to conclusion.


All projects are the responsibility of the owning organisation to arrange funding and deliver the project. We recommend an organisation funds a full time Project Co-ordinator, an industry expert who will liaise between the participating organisations, ensuring the project stays on track and results are delivered on time and to scope.  OIX UK can suggest appropriate project co-ordinators for your projects.

Open data

All OIX UK, projects are transparent and their conclusions are published.  No participating party brings intellectual property to the project and must be willing to share results via a white paper/project report published on the OIX UK website.

To ensure open data commitment all organisations it is preferred that project participants become a member however there is also an option to sign an OIX Participant Agreement.  This document ensures that all activity it transparent.  Please contact OIX UK for more information if you have questions on how this agreement works.

Project Lifecycle

Projects can have distinct stages, as shown below.  OIX Projects are either Discovery or Alpha and may act as the springboard for projects to continue through the lifecycle into beta and ultimately a live service.  An explanation of this approach is given in the diagram below.

Step 1

Find out what your users need, what to measure and what your constraints are.

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Step 2

Build a prototype, test it with users and learn from it.

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Step 3

Scaling up and going public

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Step 4

Learn how to continuously improve your live service

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This short explanatory video, an approach implemented by
Government Digital Service, may be helpful: