Project Scope

A discovery project was conducted in January 2016 which explored the reaction of JustGiving donors if JustGiving data was used as part of the GOV.UK Verification process. 5 donors went through user testing and the overall response was that whilst understanding of the process was not high, there was not any impact on the relationship of the user and the JustGiving brand. Charities have developed databases of verified identity attributes for their customers. JustGiving, for example, has a database with asserted identity details for 80% of the UK’s adult population. They also hold activity data where regular donations are made or a sponsored event takes place. This data would be of value to Identity Providers if users were able to assert it when registering for a digital identity. This Alpha, with confidence that the user is tolerant of a data relationship between JustGiving and and Identity Provider, will explore the value of the data in meeting the Good Practice Guidelines for Element E (Activity History).


JustGiving data supports the analysis of identity activity history and contributes to establishing a trustworthy digital identity for access to online services.

Project Status

(updated 7th June 2017)

Project Context, Hypothesis and Objectives


JustGiving, Digidentity, GB Group, GDS

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