Walk-in Assisted Digital on the High Street Discovery – Concluded

The project tested the following hypothesis: ‘High street walk-in assisted digital will be effective for some users, at least for some services, and feasible for suppliers to provide.’ Assisted digital is the help given to people who cannot complete online government services independently. An appointment booking process is an overhead for services, providers, and users of the services so for some services it may be better if people needing help could just drop in when it was convenient.

James Timpson & Will Lankston present on the world’s first digital identity shop and how Timpson is taking on the new world of digital identity (Economics of Identity II, December 2015)

This was tested by recruiting people with assisted digital needs to come and receive help for a government service at a time convenient to them across a period of two days.  Working through OIX, Timpson’s group are providing the support at two venues. The first in Newbury is an existing Max Spielmann Photo Store and the second in Henley on Thames is a purpose-built concept store called ArkHive. Participants and the provider will be observed during the support sessions and then asked about their experiences of receiving and giving support to determine if the hypothesis is correct.
Timpsons, Home Office, Cabinet Office


This project has concluded – read the White Paper.