Shared Signals: IDP to IDP – concluded

The IDP to IDP discovery project looked at how IDPs can work together to share trust and minimise data sharing to better prevent fraud. This discovery explores whether signals can be shared between IDPs that minimise the sharing of personal data. It also aims to define the term ‘signal’ in this context.

Hypothesis: It is possible to share signals between IDPs whilst minimising disclosure of personal data* to better prevent fraud.

The project explored:

  1. The definition of ‘signal’ in the context of IDPs. What a signal is and what it contains in terms of signal and content?
  2. ‘What’ signals IDPs could share between themselves in an environment where an individual can have more than one digital identity with more than one IDP?
  3. ‘When’ do IDPs share a signal? What is the trigger (or clearing event & history) for a signal to be shared?
  4. ‘How’ signals are shared between IDPs?
  5. What action an IDP could take on receipt of a signal?
  6. Life-span of signal: after how long is a signal valid?
  7. When, if ever, is it appropriate to share an event with the end-user?

Confyrm, Telesign, Experian, Digidentity, Post Office, Mydex, GDS participated in this project


Learn about the results of this project in the White Paper.