Social Login, Data and Digital Identity – concluded

This project looked at how social data might assist in the digital identity challenge. This use of social data is sometimes referred to as “Internet Life Verification” or “ILV” and is based on how an individual’s identity can be verified through their online activity.

The explosion of social media use creates this new opportunity which could complement traditional identity verification methods such as passports, driving licences or credit data for identity checking. This project investigated how citizens might use ILV when establishing a trustworthy digital identity for access to online services.

Internet Life Verification (ILV) is defined as using social media attributes, in this instance Facebook, to support proof of identity.

Social media identity could be based on assurance across number of friends, frequency of updates, age of friends, duration of listing etc.

There is also a view that offering a login using social media could improve speed and ease of login, opening up more customers to online industry.

Mydex and Verizon delivered this project.


The results of this project can be read in the white paper.