Towards an Architecture for a Digital Blue Badge Service – concluded

This Alpha project took a typical local government service – applying for a disabled parking badge (a Blue Badge) – and demonstrated how it could be radically transformed from a process taking several weeks to one taking a few minutes. This was achieved through attribute exchange, defined as “the online, real-time exchange of data specific to the transaction in hand, with the user present and with their full knowledge and permission”.

The Alpha project involved the public and private sectors collaborating to design and build a working prototype of an attribute exchange solution. It was based on open source software and standards and completed in quick time with no material challenges arising.

The attribute exchange solution was underpinned by GOV.UK Verify, the government’s identity assurance solution, thus ensuring that the identity of the user was known and trusted by the two parties in the attribute exchange process. This allowed the user to be part of the process and give explicit consent for data to be shared between the attribute provider and the relying party, thus enabling the transaction to be completed online and in real time.

Attribute exchange has the potential to make an important contribution to realising the Government Digital Strategy. Verify and attribute exchange together can enable complex, eligibility-based services to be delivered as digital transactions.

Warwickshire County Council, Department of Work and Pensions, Mydex, Verizon and Northgate Public Services collaborated on this project


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