Open Identity Exchange Member Meeting Notes

OIX member meetings are “dog fooding” exercises. We walk our talk of transparency in the hope that members trust the organization they contribute their time and treasure. This is to share notes from our last meeting. Survival, if not success, of organizations like Open Identity Exchange (OIX), requires a very […]

Blessed are the Doers for They Shall Inherit the Ecosystem

Pilots and problem solving, like science experiments, don’t always work as expected. But we always publish results in the hope we can advance the conversation. OIX takes on the hardest problems in identity like liability. We enable competitors to collaborate through a remarkable IPR container used by global leaders. OIX […]

Building Blocks of Trusted Transactions

Many of you have heard me talk about the need for a registry of trusted identity systems and the vision for OIXnet over the last couple of years. Today I am proud to announce the launch of OIXnet at RSA 2015. OIX has a global reputation for managing pragmatic pilots. […]

Open Identity Exchange Launches OIXnet: A Global Registry for Trust Frameworks

Open Identity Exchange Members, OpenID Foundation, SAFE-BioPharma, and SecureKey to be the First to Register at OIXnet RSA Conference 2015, San Francisco, CA – April 22, 2015 – Today the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) launched OIXnet™, an online registry of trust frameworks and identity systems. It is the first registry […]

OIX Welcomes New Members – Barclays, ForgeRock and Timpson Join the OIX Board New Members include Escher Group, E-sign, Etive, KYCme, Morpho (SAFRAN), and Tricerion Limited

San Ramon, Calif., March 4, 2015 ‑ The Open Identity Exchange today announced that Barclays, ForgeRock and Timpson have joined the organization at the board level, and Escher Group, E-sign, Etive/Digital Log Book, KYCme, Morpho (SAFRAN) and Tricerion Limited have joined as general members. These distinguished companies bring a great […]