General Availability of Microsoft OpenID Connect Identity Provider

Microsoft has announced the general availability of the Azure Active Directory OpenID Connect Identity Provider. It supports the discovery of provider information as well as session management (logout). On this occasion, the OpenID Foundation wants to recognize Microsoft for its contributions to the development of the OpenID Connect specifications and congratulate them on the general […]

There’s No Party Like Relying Parties

At Internet Identity conferences, the mention of Relying Parties (RPs) often triggers looks of consternation among attendees and comments about why aren’t they here. The role of RPs, and the reluctance of organizations to fill this role, has become a critical constraint to the emerging identity ecosystem. In the business models used by most companies, […]

Economics of Identity Workshops Off to a Successful Start

By all accounts our Economics of Identity series of workshops are off to a successful start. We kicked the series off in London where standing room only attendees “voted with their feet” by staying attentive to the end and where we generated more buzz than bloviation. 150+ attendees from private sector took to their seats […]

A Keeper of the Keys

I blogged about a new OIX White Paper we’ve just published, “Exploring the Role of Mobile Identity Assurance”, by Nick Foggin. The paper summarizes the outcomes from the UK’s first mobile network operator alpha trial. Nick’s experience in publishing an OIX White Paper reflected the value of an objective expert’s assessment and an insider’s view […]