The Name is the Thing: “The ARPU of Identity”

The name is the thing. The name of this Open Identity Exchange White Paper, the “ARPU of Identity”, is deliberate. ARPU, Average Revenue Per User, is one metric telcos use to measure success. By deliberately using a traditional lens that telcos use, this paper puts emerging Internet identity markets into a pragmatic perspective. The focus […]

Crossing the Chasm of Consumer Consent

This week Open Identity Exchange publishes a white paper on the “ARPU of Identity”. The focus of the white paper is on how MNOs and telecommunications companies can monetize identity markets and thereby improve their average revenue per user, or ARPU. Its author and highly regarded data scientist, Scott Rice, makes a point that caught […]

Crossing the Chasm In Mobile Identity: OpenID Foundation’s Mobile Profile Working Group

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide are in various stages of “crossing the chasm” in the Internet identity markets. As Geoffrey A. Moore noted in his seminal work, the most difficult step is making the transition between early adopters and pragmatists. The chasm crossing Moore refers to points to the bandwagon effect and the role standards […]

Standing Out and Delivering: OIX in a Crowded and Noisy Ecosystem

In a world where we constantly receive information at an ever-increasing rate, it’s hard for any one organization to stand out. It’s harder still to hold the attention of OIX members. They are a smart and sophisticated bunch when it comes to Internet identity. OIX members include industry leaders, venture-backed start-ups, universities and governments who […]

General Availability of Microsoft OpenID Connect Identity Provider

Microsoft has announced the general availability of the Azure Active Directory OpenID Connect Identity Provider. It supports the discovery of provider information as well as session management (logout). On this occasion, the OpenID Foundation wants to recognize Microsoft for its contributions to the development of the OpenID Connect specifications and congratulate them on the general […]