Digidentity offers digital identity solutions and services to more than 11 million Europeans, facilitating more than 130 million secure online transactions per year between people, organisations and governments. To do this, the company developed services focused on a unique digital identity, where the user and their privacy are key. Following the principle of Privacy by Design, the personal data stays with its rightful owner, the individual.

Digidentity continuously tries to improve their services and share their vision on identity and access management, bringing together government and business in order to get them better aligned and allowing for enormous savings. Through OIX, Digidentity shares their knowledge about cross-border and national identity schemes. Closely working with the other members of OIX, Digidentity is looking to mature the identity market in the United Kingdom and carefully move the industry to the next phase enabling all people to get access to and control of their personal data. The key is to keep the access and maintenance as simple as possible while ensuring privacy and security.

Digidentity is also a supplier of SSL certificates and qualified digital signatures. Next to that, Digidentity developed the Dutch national online ID called DigiD. Digidentity now works for the Dutch and British government.


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