Today the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) launched OIXnet™, an online registry of trust frameworks and identity systems. It is the first registry developed by global leaders across industry sectors to enable online transactions at higher volumes, velocity and variety.
On behalf of the OpenID® Foundation members, we are pleased to be the first to leverage the OIXnet registry,” said Nat Sakimura, OpenID Foundation Chairman. “The OIXnet registry provides the transparency into market leading OpenID Connect deployments and services. Registration helps enable the discovery of the legal assurance of technical conformance that ensures interoperability and accelerates adoption of this important global standard.

The OpenID Foundation was the first to leverage OIXnet, registering OpenID certifications of deployment by members, including Google, Microsoft, ForgeRock, Ping Identity, PayPal, and Nomura Research Institute.

Trusted transactions are the engines of online services,” said Don Thibeau, OIX Chairman and President. “Like an Underwriter Lab’s seal of approval on products, OIXnet is a neutral, open online registry that enables a similar level of trust and discovery at Internet scale for a wide variety of trust frameworks.

In the second phase of the OIXnet Registry rollout, trust framework providers like the SAFE-BioPharma Association and SecureKey will register business legal and technical interoperability requirements at OIXnet.

SAFE-BioPharma™ will register its digital identity and signature standards for its trust framework participants at OIXnet. SAFE-BioPharma provides global high-assurance identity trust for cyber-transactions across the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

The global biopharmaceutical industry relies on the SAFE-BioPharma digital identity standard to assure trust in its cyber transactions. Our participation in the OIX Net registry accelerates delivery of global interoperability and trust,” said Peter Alterman, COO, SAFE-BioPharma Association.

SecureKey will register its SecureKey Concierge trust framework in the OIX Registry. SecureKey Concierge is a service that Canadians use to access public sector services in Canada where high assurance is required. Canadian banks, which already have existing strong and trusted relationships with Canadians, are the trust anchors for the service; banks are ideally situated to establish trust for consumers online with government organizations.

Interoperability, trust and standards are all required to ensure the success of federated identity and authentication. The paradigm is changing from the current model of burdening users with credential issuance everywhere to the desired model of credential acceptance of existing trusted credentials users already have. It is better for users and it is better for business” said Andre Boysen, Chief Identity Officer for SecureKey. “Publishing the SecureKey Concierge trust framework on the OIX Registry is an affirmation to our existing connected partners and customers of our commitment to open standards, and it provides a point of confidence for organizations that plan to join, that interoperability with counter-parties in the network is assured.

The OIXnet Registry and the OpenID Connect test suite will be hosted by Symantec to ensure the security of the trust framework resources and certifications.

We are pleased that the OpenID Foundation, the Open Identity Exchange and other industry leaders trust Symantec’s secure global data center systems to host the registry and test suite,” said Vice Chairman of OIX Paul Agbabian, VP, Fellow, and CTO, Endpoint Security Business at Symantec.

The Open Identity Exchange is rolling out the OIXnet registry in concert with the OpenID Foundation’s OpenID Certification program for OpenID Connect implementations. See the OpenID Foundation’s press release on the certification program launch for more information on this related development.

About The Open Identity Exchange

The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) builds trust in online identity. OIX develops and registers trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide mutual assurance that online transactions can be trusted. OIX is a neutral, technology agnostic, non-profit trade organization where members from across multi-business sectors can come together to share domain expertise, joint research, and pilot projects to test real world use cases to drive the expansion of existing online services and the adoption of new online solutions. Market leading members include Barclays, CA Technologies, Equifax, Experian, ForgeRock, Google, KPMG, LexisNexis, Microsoft, NRI, PayPal, Ping Identity, Symantec, UK Cabinet Office, Timpson and Verizon.

OpenID is a registered trademark of the OpenID® Foundation.

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