At our September OIX members meeting in London thoughts and views concerning the benefits members and non-members receive through OIX projects, white papers and workshops were discussed in some detail. Members exchanged their ideas on what changes might be made to the then current project and white paper definitions that might increase the value of membership, while keeping a forum for non-members to still get involved. Their output provided valuable input informing the OIX UK Europe Board’s preparation of new Project & White Paper and Workshop policies.

You can view the new project and white paper process here:  and both new policies here

Key changes include a participation fee for non-members who wish to take part in OIX projects, a simplified project template and removal of the stage gate process. White papers are now clearly defined as ‘project white papers’ and ‘member white papers’ – with the commissioning and posting to the website of the latter a member benefit available to OIX members in good standing. OIX Workshops are available for all to attend, whilst OIX members meetings are the forum for these industry leaders to drive momentum.

OIX Members, your feedback is welcomed either to your OIX Board representative or directly to OIX.