Women in Identity (WiD) aims to foster new relationships and mentorship between women in different areas of the identity industry. Their goal is to inspire confidence and community among women in this rapidly growing industry.

WiD are looking for interns who will show self-motivation, resourcefulness, creativity and intellectual drive as part of a small association. They will undertake everything from basic admin duties, website updates, to communicating with WiD’s members and building this community. In return, WiD are offering an opportunity by way of an internship for someone to grow and develop skills and a career in STEM in a marketing capacity. The opportunity will enable the interns to network with some key people in the field of digital identity in the US and the UK.

OIX will provide support for this WiD intern project via direct funding from members. Initial funding has been provided by OIX founding member, Microsoft, and will be followed by additional contributions from other OIX members. OIX will also provide office space in Washington, DC for the first WiD intern.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the first Women in Identity intern, Nora Halleran.

Don Thibeau
Open Identity Exchange Chairman & President

Nora Halleran
Hello! My name is Nora Halleran, and I am the new intern for Women in Identity.

I am a junior studying English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’m from a south suburb of Chicago, where I attended Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School. Throughout my years at Mother McAuley, I was involved in student council. I thrived in the all-girls environment and learned first-hand how amazing and empowering it can be when women work together. Collaborating with peers and school administrators, I gained an appreciation for a female community that lifted its members up, and I carried the confidence I gained from high school into college.

At the University of Illinois, I enjoy reporting for the university’s newspaper, the Daily Illini, serving on the English student council as the freshman liaison, and being a member of Chi Omega sorority. Through these groups and experiences I have learned the importance of leadership, networking, and community.

Empowering women is key in every industry, including Identity. My hopes for this internship are to fulfill Women in Identity’s mission and assist in growing a global community of women from diverse backgrounds and different areas of the industry. It is immensely valuable to support and to assist women in their struggles and celebrate their successes. Strengthening this group will bring visibility to female leaders in Identity and highlight those deserving of recognition.

I plan to do this through the creation of a newsletter, managing the Women in Identity social media presence, and posting blogs showcasing women in identity. I will be interviewing women in the field to highlight their accomplishments and share their advice. I want to strengthen the Women in Identity social media presence by creating a consistent posting schedule, increasing the follower count and engagement on Twitter. Creating a newsletter will expand our audience and spread the message. I also will assist in organizing a Women in Identity event at Identiverse Boston, and I look forward to meeting some of you there!

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am so grateful and excited to get to work.

Linkedin: Nora Halleran

Twitter: @NoraHalleran

Instagram: nora_halleran

Google+: Nora Halleran